Offers high and competitive Exchange Rate.

Affordable Money Transfer Fees.

Bank-to-Bank Transfer 7.50
Pay Anywhere 7.50
Door-to-door cash delivery 10.50 (Metro Manila)
Door-to-door cash delivery 13.00 (Province)

NO CHARGES in the Philippines

With 641 BDO online branches, 30 SM Forex Counters, 155 rural bank partners and 507 ATMs all over the Philippines and 24 hours ATM services.

Accessibility of Fasteller carddholders to over 5.500 Bancnet, Megalink and ExpressNet ATMs.

Money Remittance Service to the Philippines
Simple way to send money to the Philippines through Express Padala Frankfurt GmbH:
  • Register your beneficiary/ies (person/s in the Philippines you want to send money to) with Express Padala Frankfurt GmbH by giving their names, complete address, telephone number and bank account information, if any. Each beneficiary you register will be assigned with a unique beneficiary identification number. To register your benifiary, you may use the attached form
  • You can send the money by using Postbank AG or your local bank Überweisungsschein by indicating the following information: Express Padala Frankfurt GmbH as Empfänger, Kto. Nr. 77588607, Blz. 50010060, Postbank AG Frankfurt am Main for Kreditinstitut, your beneficiary name for Kunden-Referenznummer, Remitter-Beneficiary ID no. for noch Verwendungszweck, and your name as Kontoinhaber. See Überweisungsschein as Sample !
  • You can pay directly to the Postbank office the amount you want to remit, or you can transfer this amount from your German bank account to Express Padala's account with Postbank AG, Frankfurt.
  • Your beneficiary will be advised per SMS or telephone of your remittance. If he / she has an account with Express Padala Bank, the money you send will be automatically credited to this account.
  • For new clients, please call our office at 069-72007012 to 14 from 9.00 a.m.- 5.00 p.m. (Monday - Friday) for proper registration and information or visit us at the office !
Money Transfer 7.50 (normal)
Door-to-door cash delivery 10.50 (Metro Manila)
Door-to-door cash delivery 13.00 (Province)